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We can provide a purchase method to suit your needs, change your vehicle regularly, maybe a balloon option is best for you, for businesses maybe low doc, chattel mortgage or novated lease is better, if you have had a Credit problem or late payment, it does not mean you cannot obtain a Loan, give us a call !

We can offer a flexible approach too, use an existing asset to obtain a lower Rate loan on your new purchase or expenditure, want to know more, contact us now !

Whilst the list of Assets are endless, here are the popular ones -

New or Used car, Toyota Ute, fast Ford/Holden or daily runabout

Classic Car, Holden, Ford Mustang perhaps (may be able to offer a loan on an existing asset to secure a lower rate on this older vehicle purchase)
Motorbike, Harley Davidson to cruise off into the sunset or a Honda Racing bike .... to overtake all of the cruisers :)

Don't see the Asset covered here, no worries, contact us with the information anytime.

Your requirements not listed, just give us a call or drop us an email andy@assetfinanceloans.com
Difficult to talk during the day, just call after hours on Mobile 0450 261 862

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